Ask me anything   I don't even like bears.

The internet here is so sporadic it’s like the hugest tease I can’t deal with it.

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i was just showing my mom how to paste something into her text message on her phone and i was like “double tap in the the text box” “the text box” “the text box” and she was just pointing to random places on her screen that weren’t the text box and all i could think of was


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i love catfish so much because they act like theyre fbi agents or something when theyre really just using reverse google image search

i thought you meant the animal and let me tell you that was a wild minute of me trying to figure out the psychology of fish thinking they’re federal law enforcement

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My granny bought gummy bears for everyone in the PI. They won’t stop eating it. I’m not gonna say anything.

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I’ve been up for more than 12 hours

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I miss going to school and stalking all the cute boys

I already reblogged this but its just so true 

There were so many it hurt. I think whenever I have free time I’ll chill on campus waiting for you/wait for you

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you can never lose an argument if you say “shut up nerd” at the end

yes you can

shut up nerd

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your intelligence is not measured by grades

Just 10,000 hours

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Anonymous asked: lucy is fiction. lucy is a metahuman. do you really think half ofthe shit she does is going to be realistic?




Hello Anon. There’s a difference between “realism” and “based on neuroscience more current than a FAMOUSLY disproved factoid.”

We’ve updated the terminology and conceptual bases for our AI stories, our cyborg stories, our natural and ecological disaster stories. We’ve made at LEAST cosmetic modifications to the way our pop media engages and expounds upon these ideas.

From Heinlein to Gibson. From Asimov to…later Asimov. From Orwell to Nolan (Jonah, not Christopher; I’m talking Person of Interest, here), we’ve learned from our misconceptions and mistakes.

So why is it that, when we decide to talk about the nature of the brain, we always, ALWAYS fall back on a thing that was disproved a Very.


Time ago?

So, no, not “realistic,” but Extrapolated From Our Most Current Picture Picture Of Reality.

Again, this has been bugging me every time the stupid commercial for it plays.

Told my bro it’s dumb. Sorry Scarlett love ya but nah

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Oh no the people here think I can understand everything when really I’m getting context clues for like 25% of the words I don’t understand.

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