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So the timeline of what led up to 9/11.

  • Ali Soufan (at the time FBI agent, currently former agent) was working on Al Qaeda before 9/11.
  • He successfully used non-violent interrogation methods to gain useful information about Al Qaeda.
  • Soufan found out that around $30,000 was transfered to Bangkok. 
  • FBI thought Al Qaeda was going to plan an attack in South East Asia and contacted the CIA to help fill in the blanks.
  • CIA didn’t release any information to the FBI.
  • Apparently, based on what they’re implying on Frontline, the CIA had the required information that would have filled in the blanks and would have helped find out about the 9/11 plan.
  • The conclusion: If the CIA had shared info with the FBI, those hijackers would have been put on the watch list and would have been detained at LAX before they could even be any kind of damage.
  • He designed the US torture program after 9/11.
  • Soufan was a more experienced in interrogation, having possibly hundreds of cased that required his interrogation techniques. 
  • At the time Mitchell was hired, he had no experience. 
  • When Soufan complained to the CIA, they made Soufan leave.
  • Under Mitchell’s interrogation, Ibn Sheikh al Libi told the interrogators that Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda were allied and that Iraq had WMDs (which, as we later find out after the statement was issued by Colin Powell, is false).
  • Ibn Sheikh al Libi said that he just told the interrogators what they wanted to hear.
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