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I don't even like bears.

i’ve never had such urge to buy notebooks

it’s like $98 for a pack of really REALLY nice notebooks. i’ll get them when it’s almost finals time and i’ll redo my notes in there. yes, that’s what i’ll do. too bad i can’t find my gen psych and psych stats notes. they’re somewhere in the garage. but i have the notes to… bio psych, learning memory cognition, and child development. i think those are the only psych classes i’ve taken up until now…now i’m taking psych of ethnic groups and writing in psych. then after doing research design and ARM i’ll be FREEEEE TO TAKE WHATEVER CLASSES I WANT, which will probably be bio, chem, probaly algebra again ‘cause i didn’t take the math placement test freshman year, and more bio and chem and math classes. and then cores will be done at some city/community college during summer or during the intermediate times….which is roughly 3 weeks for 4 hours classes every day except weekends. i can do that…take bart erryday. anyways, i like this site and this site and this site.

— 2 years ago