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should i

take all my premed classes after i graduate and get my bachelor’s degree and enroll into a postbaccalaureate premed program


take them all while im at USF.

because this is what i’m thinking:

for the postbaccalaureate premed programs: if i go to SF State, it might be hard to me to get those classes because it’s all impacted and shit. it’s even more money that goes into my tuition than i think is necessary since i have to pay back those loans from USF and then there’s med school to think  about. 

for taking the classes at USF: i’m already here. USF is actually a really good school if you try and take advantage of the opportunities given here (which i didn’t for the first half of college). so because of that, then you’ll have a better transcript from med schools and have a higher chance of getting into a well respected school. buuuuut what if i fail a class. then the $ amount of that failed class could have paid for basically the whole postbaccalaureate at SF State. and then i hardly have room in my semester plans for these classes because i’m in my first semester of junior year so i’d have to do all these (especially the science classes) in 3-4 semesters. 

i think what i’m going to do instead is take the science classes at USF, take as many as i can fit. then see if i can transfer those credits to SF State’s postbaccalaureate program and finish off everything there. i know the whole Calculus shit is gonna take me a while since i didn’t do the math placement test freshman year so i’d probably gonna have to start at Algebra or some shit like that. 

— 2 years ago