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Laser Bike Light

The best way to stay safe while biking is to stay visible to those you share the road with. And while concepts for laser-based systems that create a highly visible virtual lane around your bike have existed for years and years, they’re finally real (and cheap!) now.

A Korean company called Slancio makes this rear safety light that includes a requisite set of flashing red LEDs, but also a pair of lasers that produce a thin set of lines on the road on either side of your bike. Not only do they add to your visibility at night, they also create a safe space around your bicycle that most drivers and other riders will subconsciously stay clear of. It’s a brilliant idea that’s made all the more amazing with a $20 price tag that makes these a no-brainer upgrade for your ride.” 

You can purchase this product here for $18.99.

This is a perfect idea. Totes buying one if I ever get around to getting a bike.

It’d be grand if you could have one that put out a little message…I could have humorous sayings or things following me around…

or I could get lasers on my tires that says ‘Trebaol of Arabia is on the move!’

Gimme this…

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