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Just watched Doctor Who. What the fuck is the Doctor going to tell Brian? Like can you imagine the heartbreak? I mean you know that Rory and Brian were really close cause he was just changing their light bulb when we first met him and that Rory checks up and visits his dad as seen in the scene where Rory is watching did dad do a journal entry. Just think about it. The Doctor goes over to Brian’s place, Brian opens up the door happy because he thinks his son and daughter in law are back to tell him stories about their trip but is confused instead when he only sees the Doctor. The Doctor tells him what happened but he doesn’t believe him so the Doctor takes him to the grave site and has Brian see the gravestone and Brian, seeing the names, breaks down. He’s sobbing and he can’t keep himself upright so he falls to his knees and you see the Doctor just watching and not knowing what to do with himself. He promised Brian that nothing would happen to them. Never them. But he couldn’t stop it.

After that I don’t know. Either the Doctor waits for Brian to finish or he ends up leaving Brian without saying goodbye because he can’t take the reminders or the scolding he’ll get.

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