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This is absolutely and totally unaceptable. Some old dude from the BEATLES is copying Miley’s iconic custom-made round Ray Ban sunglasses.

Miley made CUSTOM made round sunnies and this old PEDOPHILE decided and thought it was okay to blatantly COPY her. I am ashamed of our human race, is this what we’ve come to? Old men copying young teenage women? Where’s the justice in this? Can’t Miley have one thing to herself without anyone else plagiarizing her?

This sucks, he should be sued or something or issue an official apology. This is horrendously rude. 

i’m pretty sure this blog isn’t serious, folks. best troll ever. 

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    Dude, he’s dead! Can I slap you for your stupidity
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    Sunglasses. Freaking sunglasses…you do realise that Miley was born AFTER him so he had them first.
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    idk if im supposed to laugh or not
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    Ow ow ow
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    You people have to be stupid af to believe this
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    I’m sorry, are you fucking stupid?